Sanaa Blend

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Sanaa Blend

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posted by:   Tony

Best coffee every perfect to kick off my day.

posted by:   Jennifer

This is now my favorite Disney edition coffee. I also love Boma and Kona Blend but after trying Sanaa I think it will be a staple in my home. Perfectly balanced medium roast.

posted by:   Caitlin

Simply marvelous. This is my new favorite breakfast coffee. My parents are diehard Folgers drinkers but when they came for a visit and tried my coffee they were really impressed with this blend. Im planning to buy them a couple of bags for Christmas this year

posted by:   Sergio

We experienced this coffee while dining at the restaurant and it was so delicious we ordered some so we could feel like we were back at Disney. Looking forward to trying the other coffees.
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There is no more amazing site than the splendor of exotic animals roaming the Sunset Savanna from the Sanaa restaurant in Disney's Animal Kingdom(R) Resort.  And while savoring your meal you can sip on the Sanna Specialty Coffee, straight origin Kenya AA beans roasted to a medium level. Offering a bright acidity with great aroma and a dry winey after taste.  Let it bring out the wild in you. 
$14.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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