Flavors of Africa

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Flavors of Africa

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posted by:   Justin

Came here to review and found my wife Christy already had. This so far is my favorite of the Disney collection I really enjoy the rich flavor and how smooth it comes across.

posted by:   Christy

I ordered from Joffreys to get the Kona coffee from Kona cafe at WDW but I was surprised to find that of the 3 Disney coffees I ordered Flavors of Africa is both my husbands and my favorite. Will be ordering more as soon as we run out. Its delicious and has a great after taste

posted by:   Tess

I get this every time I go to Disney.
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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas

Our imaginations are as vast as the Maasai Mara Reserve, but we couldn’t imagine another coffee for Boma than this full-bodied Kenya AA. Grown in the volcanic soil on the northern slopes of Mt. Kenya, it’s brisk and snappy in the cup, with a high level of acidity and a splash of fruitiness; a wonderful way to greet both the day and Flavors of Africa’s bountiful breakfast buffet and beef bobotie—a delicious South African quiche. And its dry, winey aftertaste is a welcomed dinner guest for the grilled seafood, roasted meats and house-baked pastries. Flavors of Africa brings you the flavors of over 50 African countries. We picked a 100% Specialty Grade coffee to complement each and every one.
$14.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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