Carthay Circle Restaurant

3 stars

Carthay Circle Restaurant

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posted by:   Jay

My favorite Joffreys coffee by far. Outstanding flavor.

posted by:   Eli

The Carthay Circle restaurant is Superb And so is the magnificent coffee served within I absolutely love this and I can drink cup after cup after cup Its THAT good Big thumbs up

posted by:   Michael

great coffee
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Disney California Adventure® Park

Stepping into Carthay Circle Restaurant is like stepping back in time. Its fabulous décor is a gilded reflection of the 1920’s, Hollywood’s Golden Age. So we selected a rare 100% Specialty Grade Indonesian bean that grows on trees that can date back even further—as much as 250 years, in fact. But it also had to be as bold as the seasonal cuisine and innovative modern fare developed by award-winning chef Andrew Sutton. Well, the nutty flavor and deep chocolate overtones of this deliciously rich coffee never fail to deliver, especially co-starring with seasonal desserts like fried banana split Monte Cristo and chocolate mousse-filled cannoli.
$13.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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