Jamaican Me Crazy

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Jamaican Me Crazy

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posted by:   Shawn

BEST Coffee EVER Wish my local stores carried it

posted by:   Sarah

This is my top favorite flavored coffee hands down Its the flavor I tried by chance that turned me on to Joffreys coffee now Im making my way through all their flavors.

posted by:   Matt Cooper

Hands down some of the best coffee Ive tasted. Its a well balanced flavored coffee without being too overpowering. Great flavor with subtle notes of caramel and vanilla. Truly a must have for any coffee cupboard.

posted by:   Fawn

Amazing blend. It was my 1st bag of flavored coffee. Im sad Publix no longer carries the Jeffreys brand. Id buy it weekly again if they had it.

posted by:   lisa

the very best coffee ever

posted by:   Rebecca

LOVE LOVE LOVE this coffee Its my favorite flavor

posted by:   Jeffery

Delicious blend. My favorite.

posted by:   Karmen

My favorite coffee of all

posted by:   LaJohnda

Love it

posted by:   Carol Harris

Out of a the great flavors Jamaican Me Crazy is MY favorite and one that I send to my friends.

posted by:   Sandra Soenning

I used to work for Hastings in Texas and they sold this coffee in their Hardback Cafe. Since moving to another city I hadnt been able to find this coffee and then I did a search online It was awesome to find my absolute favorite flavor on this site and it tastes exactly the same as I remember Sent some to my parents and will be looking forward to sending some at the next holiday... o

posted by:   Nicholasa Reed

This flavored brain child of Joffreys is awesome Very smooth strong flavor. I can honestly say I never knew coffee until I experienced it by Joffreys. Gone are my days of putting double scoops of canned coffee in my coffee maker to produce a overly acidic cup of tar.I love making this coffee in my office the smell alone entices everyone to the breakroom for a cup of this robust cup of heaven.Thanks you guys I have been a customer since about 2003. Not only are your beans great but I can always count on the package being to my doorstep in a timely fashion also.Take care NMR

posted by:   Jeff

This coffee has a great mixture of caramel and coffee liquer. Neither one overpowers the other. The caramel smells great during the brew process. It makes you mouth water while it brews. I woul definitely recommend this coffee.

posted by:   JG GG

This is the BEST coffee ever We are addicted to it and since we cant find it locally have to have it shipped to NY to get our fix

posted by:   Adam

Not sure what to think really. Im decaf only and found to have had the worst attitude toward others since drinking this blend Jamaican Me Crazy. Short fused and terribly irritable either its only partially decafd or maybe Im just nuts. I hate to give the entire bag away to someone just for them to possibly end up in jail after flying off the handle as Ive felt over the last week. This a.m. after a fresh brewed cup of Fresh Markets Decafd Creamy French Vanilla I could really tell the difference. I felt so diffused relaxed anyone else experience this As relating to a particular brand Joffreyfeel free to not post this review Best regards cause I just loved the flavor but hate the sideffectsAdam

posted by:   Pauline

Love your Jamaican Me Crazy decaf coffee This is the only flavor our market offers as a decaf and I always have a few pounds on hand all the time. Never thought to check your website for more decaf flavors but am glad I did. Can hardly wait to taste the other 8 flavors I ordered today.

posted by:   Tam

Im not the type to post a review of an item but this coffee hit the spot right on. Just the right hint of sweetness with a wonderful play of flavors. I heard about it from a friend and have since passed this secret on to my fellow coworkers and family. Thanks to fast reply to the nutritional questions no sugar no calories Who would have thought that possible

posted by:   Kelli Rebecca

We have never been disappointed with Joffreys Coffee. We have tried most of the flavors. Jamaican Me Crazy is by far our favorite It is so smooth and just perfect

posted by:   Thomas Kowalski

I have enjoyed drinking Joffrey's coffee for the past 5 or 6 years since I was introduced to your coffee at my favorite breakfast spot in Naples, Florida. From the very beginning my favorite has been Jamaican Me Crazy (of course my wife says I was already).
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This is our best-selling flavored coffee. The one we’re known for and—quite simply—one of the truest reflections of who we are. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it has serious flavor throughout the cup. Caramel and vanilla blend with the richness of coffee liqueur flavoring to create a tropic-inspired treat with an aroma as alluring as a Caribbean vacation in the dead of winter. We small-batch roast its blend of 100% Arabica beans to a beautiful brown then sit back and imagine the cooling tray as one big kettledrum.
$11.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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