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In 1984, our passion for truly exceptional coffee and tea inspired us to start something special. So we searched for the very best beans and tea leaves earth had to offer. Decades later, we’ve become that special something we set out to create because we never stop searching for extraordinary flavors and experiences to share with our eager fans.
From day one, we committed ourselves to sourcing only 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans for our coffees, and only the finest leaves to produce our black, white and green teas and tisanes. Only 5 to 10% of the world’s Arabica beans meet the exacting standards it requires to be classified as “Specialty Grade.” We will never roast anything less to use in our many blends, dark roasts, varietals, origins, organics, and flavored coffees.
After much trial and error, Chris de Mezzo became quite the proficient roaster. Equal parts science and instinct, he began roasting to order our specialty beans the same way we roast them today, in small batches, to ensure maximum flavor, freshness and aroma.
Our spirited Tampa-based upstart was one of the first specialty roasters in Florida—but it still needed an identity. To honor our passion for creating art with our premium coffees and teas, our original founders drew inspiration from the great American dance troupe with the noble-sounding name—the Joffrey Ballet. (Which, not so coincidentally, fit nicely with their shared first name—Jeffrey.)
Our city by the bay is rich with colorful history and proves to be a constant source of inspiration for our seemingly endless creativity. We’re stimulated by its art, cuisine and—of course—freshly roasted Cuban coffee we savor in Ybor City, Tampa’s famous Latin Quarter. As dedicated coffee and tea lovers, we couldn’t ask for a better city to call home.
The coffeehouse craze was still in its infancy out west and we believed our roasts were worthy of the finest caf├ęs in the land. So we opened a location in Tampa’s historic Hyde Park—a place people still remember to this day. Soon after, people were requesting Joffrey’s at wholesale and the brand quickly took flight.
We concentrated on growing the company by increasing sales to hotels, fine restaurants, cruise lines, gourmet retailers, supermarkets, business offices and online stores. In time, we created a strong reputation for service and a robust community of DIY fans with a taste for our specialty coffees and teas. In 1995, we also began operating a single kiosk at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Walt Disney World® Resort.
By the turn of the century, we had not only become seasoned roasters, but also artisans that never stop researching, roasting, blending and experimenting with flavors. Promising that everyone would find their perfect cup of Joffrey’s, we grow the brand to more than 100 varieties of coffees and teas.